Every training day with the Med instructors we would cover the critical lesson’s learned in the field medicine aspect and proper application of medical equipment. If was not for their constant professionalism, enthusiasm and technical skills, the lesson being taught may not have had such a lasting impact as it has with my security team.
— Dave D.
Justin had the task of whickering together the lesson plans, medical supply, and the correct level of training for a multitude of medical related missions. These missions ranged from the threat assessment of Iraq and Afghanistan medical threats, level of care to be provided, assessment of endemic diseases, and adjunct support staff.
— James M.
As an instructor, Mr. Romanello treated his students with great respect, integrity, and enthusiasm while educating them thoroughly with didactic knowledge and his vast experience. I have watched many paramedics and instructors come and go but few have left the mark on their students the way Mr. Romanello did.
— Jeff M.

Some testimonials included are based on instructors independently.